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77 Community Areas, 2.7 Million People…

Jesus not only commands us to go, He beckons us to come. He is here — deeply here, before us. We not only take Him; we go to Him.

Someday we’re going to get a vision for the cities. It’s missionary work in our cities. We’ll not save our cities until we get a missionary vision for the cities. We left the cities and then the new America moved to the cities. The mission field decided to come to us, and it came to stay.

Paul Cunningham

A great deal more failure is the result of an excess of caution than of bold experimentation with new ideas. The frontiers of the Kingdom of God were never advanced by men and women of caution.

Oswald Chambers

If our church is not marked by caring for the poor, the oppressed, the hungry, we are guilty of heresy.

St. Ignatius of Loyola
A Community that Feels Like Family
Missional Communities Local to Their Neighborhoods and Relevant to the City
The Power of God Working in Relationship and Community

Everyday life, together, for Jesus.

Reach77 is a community that encourages life together so that the love of Jesus might be seen in our lives and our love for the people around us.
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